Science Review Books

TPS Publishing Inc provides K-8 science materials.

For grades K-6 we provide a full program, designed to allow all teachers and students access to the content of each grade.
We use student friendly terms, pleasing graphics, and a strategy which links science with literacy and math, to enable students to increase comprehension and thereby, test scores.
We provide a teacher and student textbook, which detail every element required for content coverage.
Teachers are provided with detailed background to each subject area, learning strategies, and tips.
Each lesson plan lists objectives, what students should already know, misconceptions to cover, tips for assisting ESL learners and advancement exercises.
To further assist teachers we provide a teacher/parent guide to help set work which will enhance student learning.
We provide a review book to use as practice leading up to testing for each grade.
Assessment is key to success for students and teachers. We have a database, by grade, by level of ability, by standard, which you can buy as a school site license and photocopy over, and over again. It allows you to print off mini quizzes, through to large strand tests. Using this database you can pinpoint, by standard, by student, any issues and use our reteach exercises to aid comprehension.
Our focused tutorial powerpoint provides teachers who have students with learning disabilities, or struggle with particular standard content, with a tool to assist these students. It still covers all content but in a simplified manner. Again this is sold as a school site license.
The products are high quality and very affordable, and the program takes up little space, and is very user friendly.
If you are teaching science and finding current texts a little difficult, you will love our program!
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