Mathematics Review Books


Mathematics with Literacy Review Books


The Math with Literacy range is a review program which invites students to improve literacy and math at the same time.

There is an exercise for each standard in each of grades 4-6.

The writer uses many real life applications.

Teachers can read the problem stories to students who struggle with english language.

Students who are at grade level can work through the exercises unaided.

By linking literacy and numeracy, we provide excellent practice within each strand using mathematical reasoning.


The CST Math Review program is written to assist students pass the test each grade, and focuses on math language and stress relief strategies to maximize student potential.

The range has been written by professionals from the Los Angeles Unified School District, and they noticed that many students fail the test because they are anxious and also do not read the questions correctly.

The program requires self evaluation of weaknesses and uses two practice tests, weighted and designed to provide experience to students for the actual tests.

Students complete Test A, and then revisit each strand, focused on learning math language and application so that they have exactly what is required to pass the actual test. Grade 7 is pre Algebra and Grade 8, Algebra I.



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