Creative Core Curriculum

Our program, built in partnership with Illinois State University, Invicta Education and Action Based Curriculum has been adopted in Georgia State.

We provide Traditional, STEM and STEAM project based materials aligned to Common Core requirements and PARCC.

Professional development courses are provided by Illinois State University Center for Mathematics and Science.

It is our intent to submit to Texas, California, Florida and Louisiana in 2013.

Musically Aligned

Musically Aligned

There are up to 37 instructional science songs available depending upon the grade selected. Each song can be delivered with the use of reproducible lyric sheets, which will enable all students to access the science content and vocabulary. Each song is also available as an instrumental version, which enables student ownership and/or performance!

Musically Aligned have developed their product using relevant implementation techniques created from research-based, classroom tested methods.

  • Introduce, enhance, and review scientific concepts aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Elementary Science
  • Build domain-specific vocabulary while generating knowledge, excitement, and student buy-in
  • Utilize 21st century teaching by importing to interactive white boards and other media devices
  • Increase active engagement in a non-threatening, student-centered environment
  • Promote long-term memory using brain-based research techniques
  • Reinforce vocabulary developed through investigation by "tickling" learner's tongues with rich, content specific language
  • Create a repertoire of multi-modal learning opportunities which transcend disciplinary boundaries
  • For more information visit Musically Aligned