Creative Core Curriculum

Our program, built in partnership with Illinois State University, Invicta Education and Action Based Curriculum has been adopted in Georgia State.

We provide Traditional, STEM and STEAM project based materials aligned to Common Core requirements and PARCC.

Professional development courses are provided by Illinois State University Center for Mathematics and Science.

It is our intent to submit to Texas, California, Florida and Louisiana in 2013.



AVIMBA makes communications between teacher, parent and student simple. The AVIMBA system can store all attempts at tests, sharing of any documents and imports of web based information can be stored. The system permits hierarchy set up so documents can appear for some members and not others. The system allows review of any saved document. Within AVIMBA there are three excellent "games" for children who are struggling to learn English, count or use memory for storing data; ABC, 123 and Pairs. As an example, homework might be set using the TPS Interactive worksheet system. The saved output can be moved and stored in AVIMBA. Within AVIMBA, messaging allows the teacher and parents/guardians to discuss student progress. Student report cards can be imported and stored.

Results of attempts at games within AVIMBA and for any web-based program, which provides an output, can be stored within this excellent system. AVIMBA is a completely secure system where students, teachers and parents can safely share information by using a simple and fun platform.