Creative Core Curriculum

Our program, built in partnership with Illinois State University, Invicta Education and Action Based Curriculum has been adopted in Georgia State.

We provide Traditional, STEM and STEAM project based materials aligned to Common Core requirements and PARCC.

Professional development courses are provided by Illinois State University Center for Mathematics and Science.

It is our intent to submit to Texas, California, Florida and Louisiana in 2013.



For 36 years, Ellison Educational Equipment has made teaching fun! Imagine how wonderful it would be to spend less time cutting shapes by hand and more time interacting with students. With Ellison, you can tap into your students' creativity while exploring your own. So, let's have some fun and learn something new!

As the pioneer and global market leader in die-cutting machines, dies and accessories for teachers around the globe, Ellison has inspired tens of millions of teachers to create amazing bulletin boards, visual aids and hands-on projects to enhance lessons across curriculum. Not only does die-cutting save time, but it also saves money by allowing you to create your own bulletin board borders, die-cut as many shapes as you need with accuracy, and recycle material to make your projects more interesting and eco-friendly. We even provide amazing videos that show you how easy and fun it is to create your very own projects!

Carefully aligned, our interactive lessons bring learning to life. Enjoy the many math and science lessons uniquely tailored for grades K-8 to engage students and meet your instructional needs Create the colorful Fraction Fringe and Wheel to represent fractional units, find equivalent fractions, compare fractions, solve fraction word problems and represent ratios. Using a creative folding technique, die-cut and assemble a Stand-Up Organizer to explore organ functions and structures, identify main functions of particular organ systems, and distinguish between different organ systems.

Design versatile Spirals for any subject area from counting and cardinality and geometric solids to solar systems and butterflies die-cut from recycled soda cans. Invite students to make their own spirals for oral reports and presentations. Use die-cuts for guided instruction, group work, independent practice and assessment. Be sure to use the Ellison AllStar® SuperStar™ Machine and the Sizzix Big Shot™ Pro Machine with the plastic-backed Ellison AllStar and Sizzix Bigz™ dies. For added versatility, Ellison's wooden SureCut™ dies can be used in the Big Shot Pro Machine.

As you can see, the possibilities are truly limitless! It's never been easier to enhance any subject area across curriculum with unique projects that meet students' needs across skill levels and learning styles. Stimulate learning with interactive shapes and inspire your students to explore their creative sides. Be inspired yourself, and create clever die-cut lessons for your creative classroom!

An image showing ellison workbooks and manipulatives An image of the Allstar Superstar machine

You can find out more at Ellison's Website.