Creative Core Curriculum

Our program, built in partnership with Illinois State University, Invicta Education and Action Based Curriculum has been adopted in Georgia State.

We provide Traditional, STEM and STEAM project based materials aligned to Common Core requirements and PARCC.

Professional development courses are provided by Illinois State University Center for Mathematics and Science.

It is our intent to submit to Texas, California, Florida and Louisiana in 2013.

Digital Frog International


Digital Frog, a PC or MAC based, virtual frog dissection. This exciting product allows pupils to experience the learning benefits of dissection without the need for scalpels or frogs.

Students interactively perform a full dissection guided by instructive text, images and full-screen videos. The accompanying anatomy and physiology section teaches the functioning of every major body system, with comparisons to human and other animals anatomy.

Andrew Bradshaw from Richard Rose Central Academy said about the product "An excellent resource. Allows students an alternative to dissections whilst also being a brilliant accompanying coach for students carrying out dissections. The level of detail is second to none and we are delighted to have purchased Digital Frog!"

The interactivity of Digital Frog is very impressive. During the dissection the cuts to the frog are made using the mouse pointer allowing pupils to feel complete involvement. Links are available to wider information on the anatomy with 2 and 3D pictures bringing the science to life. Further depth is given by the ability to show the blood flow through organs.

In addition to Digital Frog are the Digital Field Trip Series and Cell Matrix

Each Digital Field Trip encourages students to explore and discover the wonders of various ecosystems, with interactive virtual reality, activities and dozens of content screens. Thematic treatments cover a range of curriculum topics.

  • ▶ The Digital Field Trip to The Wetlands
  • ▶ The Digital Field Trip to The Rainforest
  • ▶ The Digital Field Trip to The Desert

Each Digital Field Trip is available separately or bundled together.

ScienceMatrix: Cell Structure & Function

Cells and their components are brought to life for students with inquiry-based learning that both engages and informs. Includes integrated assessment and built-in universal accessibility.

Named one of the world’s five best e-science multimedia products at the World Summit Awards.

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